We thank you very much for your excellent patronage with our Institute by extending continuous association through trainings and placements of our students. Your creative feedback has enabled to revise the teaching-learning process at our end and we have boldly designed a new model of continuous learning and continuous assessment in true sense where intellectual performance of a learner is challenged rather than his memory based answering abilities. Also we have built in an option for every B.Tech candidate to slide into dual M.Tech/MBA program by spending one more year beyond his tenure of 04 years meant for Bachelor’s degree. It is in this backdrop, we would like to share the following

Once a candidate is recruited by your esteemed company, it is necessary that the candidate has to undergo adaptive learning/training in one form or the other atleast for one year before he/she could be considered for an independent assignment. Why should we not both – industry (company) and IIIT-A, join together to conduct this part of post B.Tech training in a more rigorous and planned way so that the trainee candidates techno-professionally become more vibrant. Such a training program can perhaps be jointly designed leading to the award of dual M.Tech/MBA degree depending upon the way the industry prefers. This would enhance the gross qualification index of the company

With this preamble our Director takes the pleasure to invite you to this one-day conclave being scheduled on 18th April, 2019. A number of distinguished CEOs of the reputed companies have already consented to be a part of this said event. This initiative will help us to explore the upcoming trends in industries and academic association to respond to such changes by providing better skilled manpower.  Kindly let us know if you can spare yourself from your busy schedule for this event

We thank you for your classic interest in our graduates and the fact that you have been recruiting them makes us feel that we could transform our learners to be acceptable by your esteemed company /industry. We are deeply concerned to strengthen our relationship into a stronger bondage and also maintain it.